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Feb 27

Kenya Team Arrives Home Safely

February 27th, 2012

The Kenya team arrived safely home on Saturday! We are already hearing amazing stories of God’s goodness from their time in Kenya and cannot wait to hear even more. Welcome home team! Check back for a recap from the team.

Feb 21

Kenya Team Update #3

February 21st, 2012

The “soccer field” outside of where our medical clinic was held. This sits in the middle of the slums, and serves as the children’s playground.  

From the church window where we conducted our medical clinic, you could see the mounds of trash that the people lived among. This scenery filled the slums.  

After a long day serving hundreds of patients, Dr. Jim Collier spends some time with the students that just got out of school. Their schools were in tiny buildings amidst desperate poverty, but the children had a passion to learn.  

A little girl sits outside of the medical clinic, quietly observing the action. While some are privileged enough to be in school, others are without uniforms, food, or supervision.

On Saturday, the team visited the Destitute Children’s Home (orphanage) in Nyeri, Kenya. We were honored to meet a legendary man of God, Bernard Muindi. Here he stands (left) with Laura Johnson and another member of his team. Behind is a beautiful garden where they grow food for the children.

We also got to visit the Humura Home for handicapped children, also under the leadership of Bernard Muindi. Some of the children are bedridden and unable to leave their rooms – we were fortunate to be able to pay them a special visit. Here some of them are blessing us with a worship song.

Paul Allen stands with one of the boys at the Destitute Children’s Home – everywhere we went the kids wanted to touch us, play with us, and love on us. They sang worship songs for us in their auditorium, and even let us take a turn. They were so incredibly thankful we made time to come visit them.      


Feb 21

Grandparents’ Week in Parent/Child

February 21st, 2012

Much love happening in our Parent/Child classes last week . . .

It was a special week that was set aside to celebrate Grandparents and have our Parent/Child kids show them their “school.”  Many grandparents came and enjoyed …

Playing with playdough…

special “l love you” snack…


outdoor fun…

fellowship time with one another…

We all experienced God’s love in every class!

For information about our Parent/Child ministry and for openings, please contact Susie Hamlin 949.574.2241 or

Feb 16

Kenya Team Update #2

February 16th, 2012

“We are in the second day of the medical outreach today! We saw over three hundred people come through the clinic with many receiving the Lord. We also did a Teen Challenge outreach with Brandon and pastor Ron singing at a girls high school and saw many come to the Lord here as well.” – Greg Hunt, Kenya Team member

Great things are happening in Kenya! Join us as we continue to keep the team in our prayers. Check back for more updates!

Feb 15

Kenya Team Update #1

February 15th, 2012

Everything is underway in Kenya! The team is busy leading worship, holding medical clinics, and spending time with the people of Kenya. Here are a few moments from the past few days captured by Kenya Team member, Rachel Stone:

“Pachi Estes surrounded by kids at the gate to the compound we are doing medical clinic.  She is a special lady!  Kids flock to her. We are all learning words in Swahili because of her.  I am really enjoying the opportunity to work side by side with her!”

“Brandon Muchow with students at the church school where we are doing the medical clinic.  The kids love him!  The school is in the background.”

Feb 13

Team Arrives Safely in Kenya

February 13th, 2012

Our Kenya team has arrived safely! Tomorrow they will begin their adventure with worship and testimonies at the Teen Challenge facility in Kenya. Please join us as we continue to pray for them and the work they will do. Check back for more updates on their trip!

Feb 10

Town Hall Meeting Financial Report Video

February 10th, 2012

This past Wednesday, Treasurer Mike Lewis and Executive Director Shawn Reilly presented the 2011/2012 Financial Report during the Town Hall Meeting. Check out the videos below to see what was presented.

Feb 9

Article on NorthEast of the Well

February 9th, 2012

Wonderful news as NorthEast of the Well  is gaining exposure for the incredible ministry happening on a weekly basis.

Click Here to read an article that was posted on the PC(USA) website.

Click Here to learn more about NorthEast of the Well and how you can get involved!

Feb 9

WATCH Kids Pray For Kenya Team

February 9th, 2012

The WATCH children gathered together for their weekly Christian Education time on Wednesday and heard from Pachi Estes and KC Kroeger about all the Kenya Team has planned for their trip this Sunday.  The children had an opportunity to ask questions, present Pachi and KC with a care package to share with the children they meet in Kenya, and then gather around them to pray for the team and their time in Kenya.  Join us in keeping the Kenya Team in your prayers and check back on Highlights Live to hear updates of their trip!


Feb 8

Celebrating The Boyers

February 8th, 2012

Today during lunch, the women on staff and a few friends, gathered to pray for and celebrate Amanda and Jason Boyer’s upcoming baby. Amanda is one of many on staff expecting. The Dicksons, the Batarses, and the Storeys are all expecting in the coming months.  The Searcys just had their second baby, Ethan, in December. Our church family is certainly growing!